Toledo police union denied injunction to protect contracts

A little more than 12 hours after Toledo City Council voted to give Mayor Mike Bell the authority to dig into union contracts without their consent, Toledo Police Patrolman's Association President Dan Wagner was denied an injunction to place a protection order over his members' contracts.

Wednesday night, City Council gave Mayor Bell ultimate authority to take the city's ten percent pension pickup out of TPPA contracts and force union members to pay 20% into heir health care costs.

TPPA attorneys say those concessions would force many officers already living pay check to paycheck into bankruptcy and increase their stress level on the job.

The complaint reads in part:"Policing is a dangerous job under optimal conditions. a distracted officer worried about their families financial well being rather than focused on the job at hand jeopardizes the safety and welfare of the community and officers."

In a hearing on the matter today a judge ruled against the Union saying that if he granted the injunction the Mayor could easily start laying officers off and the judge feels that would jeopardize the safety and welfare of the community.

TPPA held a special member meeting at 7:00pm Wednesday to discuss their next move.