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      Toledo police unveil camera technology to fight crime

      T he Toledo Police Department is using a new tool to fight crime. It's called the Sky Cop camera system.

      TPD says right now 40 of these of cameras are already u p and installed in high crime neighborhoods. The department says the system cost $1.6 million dollars to install.

      B ut the department is n't done , they plan to put up 42 more cameras by the new year. At a press conference Thursday afternoon, Police Chief Derrick Diggs along with city leaders say this is proof the city is committed to fighting crime with 21st century technology, "the first thing I said we're going to do is be bold and ambitious. And part of that ambitious plan is to institute what I call intelligent led data driven policing," explains the Chief Diggs.

      Some residents like Aaron Cunningham says he likes the system, but hopes the city would go farther, " I think you run into problems there. I mean because if you're going to do something here, I think you have to do it in all the neighborhoods," says Cunningham.

      C hief Diggs says the plan is to have a total of 150-160 cameras up and running throughout parts of the city.

      Here's a list of locations in Toledo where cameras are currently at,

      Jefferson & Huron

      Washington & Huron

      Adams & 17th

      Walnut & Michigan

      Locust & Ontario

      Lagrange & Huron

      Lagrange & Sherman

      Lagrange & Mettler

      Mulberry & Page

      Bancroft & Ashland

      Bancroft & Franklin

      Lawrence & Delaware

      Detroit & Monroe

      Dorr & Hoag

      1240 Collingwood

      Earl & Butler

      Earl & Rogers

      Bancroft & Kent

      Starr & Steadman

      Navarre & Oak