Toledo police unveil camera technology to fight crime


Toledo Police Department is using a new tool to fight crime. It's called the Sky Cop camera system.


says right now 40 of these of cameras are already u

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installed in high crime neighborhoods.
The department says the system cost $1.6 million dollars to install.


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, they plan to put up 42 more cameras by the new year. At a press conference Thursday afternoon, Police Chief Derrick Diggs along with city leaders say this is proof the city is committed to fighting crime with 21st century technology, "the first thing I said we're going to do is be bold and ambitious. And part of that ambitious plan is to institute what I call intelligent led data driven policing," explains the Chief Diggs.

Some residents like Aaron Cunningham says he likes the system, but hopes the city would go farther,



think you run into problems there.
I mean because if you're going to do something here, I think you have to do it in all the neighborhoods," says Cunningham.




says the plan is to have a total of 150-160 cameras up and running throughout parts of the city.

Here's a list of locations in Toledo where cameras are currently at,

Jefferson & Huron

Washington & Huron

Adams & 17th

Walnut & Michigan

Locust & Ontario

Lagrange & Huron

Lagrange & Sherman

Lagrange & Mettler

Mulberry & Page

Bancroft & Ashland

Bancroft & Franklin

Lawrence & Delaware

Detroit & Monroe

Dorr & Hoag

1240 Collingwood

Earl & Butler

Earl & Rogers

Bancroft & Kent

Starr & Steadman

Navarre & Oak