Toledo Police's auction will turn a burden into a benefit


TOLEDO, OH (WNWO) - A driver has 90 days to claim their car once TPD impounds it, but, if they don't, it heads to the Abandoned and Forfeited Motor Vehicle's Auction. The money raised from these quarterly events goes right into the city's general fund, and that money trickles down into numerous departments and public entities .

Sgt. Mike Taylor, Toledo Police, said, "the money from the auction goes to the general fund. And from the general fund, the city uses it to pay their expenses."

The money from the general goes to several city entities in order to better serve the public. To name a few: Fire & Rescue. Police. Parks & Forestry. Streets, Bridges, & Harbor. Office of The Mayor.

And the auctions can bring in quite a pretty penny.

"The lowest I've seen cars go for," says Taylor, "is about 150 bucks. And sometimes we get some nice cars in here that go for 20-30,000 dollars.

The vehicles range in a variety of makes and models. And they come into the departments' possession a variety of ways.

Taylor explains, "people driving under suspension or expired plates. Sometimes people just can get their driver's license valid to come pick up their car or they don't have money to get it out of the impound once it's here.

Car's involved in drug bust also make their way to the lot. And once they arrive, it is the Toledo Police department's job to take care of them.

Thankfully, they have multiple lots to store the vehicles, but they do have to work hard to keep them secure. Those funds come out of the Toledo police department's budget.

"We're paid through the police department. Everything's run through the police department," shared Taylor.

The next vehicle auction is only a few weeks away.

"We're going to have about 60 cars there," commented Taylor. " We're also going to have couple ATV's and a trailer. Should be a good time"

And how much does the department hope that auction will bring in? About $40,000.

The next auction will be held at the Toledo Police Impound Lot on September 16. The auction starts at 11 AM. All vehicles are sold as-is, and all sales are final.

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