Toledo protest targets Sen. Portman's vote against 'Buffett Rule'

Just a day after the U.S. Senate defeated a measure that would have placed a 30% tax rate upon the nation's wealthiest Americans, a local group picketed outside Senator Rob Portman's Toledo office.

"These people are upset about income and equality," Greg Lyons of Fight for a Fair Economy said.

About a dozen protestors, with the organization "Fight for a Fair Economy", chanted and held signs showing the lawmaker their "disappointment" with his vote against the "Buffett Rule".

On Monday, a vote of 51 to 45 was enough to keep the bill alive but was short of the 60 votes needed to continue debating the issue.

Portman was among the majority of Republicans that voted against the measure, with the exception of one that crossed party lines.

The Senator told the Senate the bill was â??bad economics, bad fiscal policy, and... a distraction from the broader bipartisan effort underway to achieve fundamental tax reform that is necessary to unleash a true economic recovery.â??

President Obama has denounced the vote.

Republicans have called the measure a political ploy.