Toledo public pools to open June 24

The city of Toledo will open 5 swimming pools this summer. Willys, Roosevelt, Jamie Farr, Pickford and Wilson will open on June 24. These are the same five pools that were open last year. Additionally the splash pad at Savage Park will open. Dennis Garvin, Commissioner of Parks, Recreation and Forestry is satisfied that five pools will meet the need this summer. "I think the biggest challenge is getting to them but they are all on public transportation routes," Commissioner Garvin said. But City Council President Paula Hicks-Hudson, who represents District 4 would like more pools to be open. "I don't think it's enough because it would be great to have pools within walking distance throughout the city but we don't," Ms. Hicks-Hudson said.

Hicks-Hudson says a long term solution is needed to address the financial issues that burden the Parks and Recreation Department. "It's my hope with the recreation plan that we are looking at that we will find ways to not only finance the pools but all of the recreational activities that a city of this size should have," Ms. Hicks-Hudson said.

The Toledo City Council Youth, Parks, Recreation, Community Relations & Education Committe will hold a hearing next month to discuss the Master Plan for Toledo's Parks and Recreation System. The meeting is scheduled to take place in City Council Chambers on Thursday, June 20 at 4 p.m.