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      Toledo rappers make donation to needy children

      A Toledo-native rap duo donated winter clothing and other essential items to those in need on Monday, as the pair focuses its rhymes on sending a positive message to local youths.

      Jason â??J-360â?? Jenson and Marquis â??Sikosaâ?? Turner presented Toledoâ??s Frederick Douglass Center with a $400 check, a donation that will assist nearly 20 children to purchase winter clothing and other essential items. Jensen and Turner also donated coats, scarves, and hats to needy families at Pilgrim Church in Detroit.

      It is all part of the hip hop artistsâ?? annual â??Setting the Example, By Giving Backâ?? tradition. J-360 and Sikosa are using the message contained in their latest hit, â??Somebody Some Where,â?? to remember where they come from and give back to the Toledo community.

      â??It aint a huge amount of money but weâ??re trying to spark the community to start bringing money down and help in places like this, and weâ??re just trying to lead by example,â?? said Jensen. Turner added, â??Itâ??s just important to really work with our youth because the youth, thatâ??s the future, theyâ??re going to take care of us.â??

      Although they live in Detroit, Jensen and Turner were inspired to take a stand against violence in Toledo after learning about a shooting tragedy at the Moody Manor apartment complex that killed 1-year-old Keondra Hooks and injured her sister, Leondra Hooks. The tragedy produced their single â??I Thought They Cared,â?? a tribute to the Hooks sisters.READ: Convicted killer shouts obscentities during sentencing. Judge sentences them to life in prison.

      The rappers plan to chronicle the plague of violence in Toledo in a music video currently in production for the â??Somebody Some Whereâ?? single.