Toledo records 26 homicides in 2010, 11 remain unsolved

The murder of Casey Bucher was among the most high profile of 2010.

With three less than in 2009, 2010 recorded 26 homicides in Toledo.

The first was on January first when a man's body was found burning inside of a jeep.

Of the 26 homicides this year, two were ruled justifiable like the one in March at Allied Music in south Toledo.

A man walked into the store with a gun only to meet a store employee who also had a gun.

The employee shot the suspect who later died of his injuries.

One of the most high profile homicides of the year occurred near the University of Toledo's campus.

Police say U-T sophomore Casey Bucher was met just outside Maxwell's Brew on Bancroft by a knife wielding Lawrence Fitzpatrick James who stabbed Bucher then took off.

Police later arrested James at a nearby apartment.

The latest homicide is still in the spotlight.

Toledo cousins Luis and Alexander Osley have pleaded not guilty to shooting and killing a Main Street Exchange employee on December 11th.

Of the year's 26 homicides, 11 of them remain unsolved.