Toledo residents respond to City's effort to clean up blight

Engage Toledo Partners edging up an area (

Toledo, Ohio (WNWO)-- Mowing, pruning and cleaning up blight--all in a days work for Kevin Bellman director at the T Whitehead recovery center and halfway house.

"We do 50 lots, we cut the grass and make sure it's clipped up." said Kevin Bellman director at the T Whitehead recovery center

The nonprofit is one of the community partners that works with Engage Toledo, a city service organization started three years ago meant to help with blight and answer requests quickly.

Van wheeler lives next door to one of the properties and while he's happy it's getting cleaned up, he says there's still an issue--illegal dumping.

"Everything in the back is all over grown and there's rats back there and possums.Plus people throw all their junk back there"

The city of Toledo does have 10 seasonal mowing crews for the entire city of Toledo, but for an area with over 4000 locations and only 800 of those cut by partnering organizations, some slip through the cracks.

" We know that capacity is an issue," said Cindy Geronimo, City Commissioner for the Division of Code Enforcement.

Large debris does have to be reported in paperwork, but some partners and neighbors say the blight has been sitting for months.

"I've talked with other partners and they say the same thing that stuffs been there for ages and they just couldn't get anyone to come and pick it up," said Bellman.

The city of Toledo urges residents to document the blight they see via their app or Service number.

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