Toledo rockers honor fallen band mate

The fatal shooting of a popular Toledo heavy metal bandâ??s drummer has friends and fans looking for answers. This weekend, they once again took the Toledo stage to honor their fallen friend.

Edwin Dare stormed the heavy metal music scene in the early 1990â??s. Bowsher High School graduates Jeff and Tommy Kollman learned to play the guitar and drums, respectively, and quickly rose to popularity. Although the band had broken up by the end of the decade, its members stayed in touch from their homes in Los Angeles and throughout Florida.

On December 15, 2012, Jeff Kollman was in Los Angeles when he learned that Tommy had been shot and killed by a sheriffâ??s deputy in his hometown of Ft. Meyers, Florida. Police reports indicate few details surrounding the incident, in which Kollman was allegedly pulled over in his car by the deputy, and was then shot at nearly 15 times. Family and friends are looking for answers, but also feel the sheriffâ??s office has attacked Kollmanâ??s character with little evidence to support.

â??The following day they came out with a story that Tom Kollman was carrying ammunition and handcuffs and a ski mask,â?? said Edwin Dareâ??s former band manager Calvin Clayton. He argues, â??None of this was in any reports or disclosed to us in any way.â??

As the investigation continues, family, friends and former band mates played a special concert honoring Tommy Kollman at Rocket Bar in South Toledo. Tommyâ??s brother said it felt like Tommyâ??s spirit was with them onstage.

â??We booked the show at the club we always played at,â?? said Kollman. â??Itâ??s like a class reunion with music and friends.â??

A light shined on Tommyâ??s old drum kit, which overlooked the crowd and stage. Kollman and friends say they plan on returning to Toledo every year, and continue to keep Tommyâ??s memory alive.