Toledo School for the Arts ready to welcome back students

Toledo School for the Arts. (WNWO/Marcus Espinoza)

Long lines, proud parents and wide-eyed must be just around the corner.

On Wednesday and Thursday students and the Toledo School for the Arts are getting everything they need to be ready to tackle a new school year.

"It's a chance for students to pick up locks, and see their lockers and get their schedule and meet some of the new staff," said Michelle Hiser, Principal for TSA.

TSA is a charter school that focuses on studies in music, dance and theater in addition to traditional schooling.

Some students have never really been too far removed from the school, participating in summer programs at TSA and say they're ready for the new year.

"It's a little more of an easier transition...but it's more of just getting prepared to get up in the morning and get to school on time stuff like that," said senior Savannah Nine.

All TSA students are also getting a iPad with a keyboard attached as well.

Students officially head back to class on August 17th.

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