Toledo Schools for the Arts: A hidden gem?

The school year may be winding down and while some students are counting down the days to summer, those that attend the Toledo School for the Arts look forward to every day in class.

"I don't have a problem with [students] missing assignments or projects,â?? TSA 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher Melissa Prior said of her students.

Those that work and attend the school agree that TSA is different and say one of the keys to their success is incorporating a student's love for the arts with learning.

"Being able to do projects and skits and we did an art installation. I feel like they are getting the content and having fun with it," Prior said of TSA's coursework.

In addition, students appreciate the overall atmosphere of the school which many describe as being "welcoming" and "friendly".

"You don't really have to worry as much about what you are going to wear because everyone is an individual and everyone accepts that," TSA senior Jayla Satterfield said.

"Everyone wants to be here. Everyone is happier and everyone gets along," TSA senior Sarabe Russell added.

Having happy students has translated into above average standardized test scores for TSA.

"We're in the top 8 percent in the state," Toledo School for the Arts Director Martin Porter said.

In 2012, Toledo School for the Arts was also recognized by Ohio Governor Kasich and received the Governor's Award in arts education.