Toledo "shrooms" bust may be largest in state history

Toledo Police released more details on the illegal "mushroom growing operation", discovered over the weekend, during a press conference on Thursday.

Authorities revealed they had to use 3 large rental trucks to remove the nearly 137 pounds of "shrooms" found at 5 different properties in Toledo and at 1 in Whitehouse.

At this time, officials estimate the street value of the seizure at around $3.1 million.

However, that dollar amount might increase once authorities are able to determine the purity of the drugs.

Still, Toledo Police believe that this may be the largest seizure of its kind in the state of Ohio.

Investigators also disclosed that the initial 911 call, which led them to the first property where the drugs were found, was to report 3 men with guns were trying to break into 2454 Woodford.

Once officials got into the home, they say evidence lead them to the similar growing operations in Toledo at 456 Arden, 240 Eastern, 1318 Camden, 1342 E. Broadway and 5910 Berkey Southern in Whitehouse.

One of the suspects, 41-year-old Matthew Thierry, is from the Whitehouse area.

The other two men facing charges, 31-year-old Michael Skiles and 31-year-old Ian Golbinec, are from Toledo.

Each of the suspects is facing various counts of drug related felonies.

Toledo Police say that the operation appeared to be â??going on for several years but still caught Toledo Police Chief Derrick Diggs off guard.

"I didn't think that mushrooms were still that much in demand here...It's a little bit of a surprise that this type of drug plus the quantity that was going on there," Diggs said.

Police released few other details citing that the investigation was on-going.

They did say that they were partnering with various law enforcement agencies, on the case, but did not say which ones.