Toledo solar power company working on a $1M project

Toledo-based solar power company Nextronex Energy Systems is in the middle stages of a project for the city of Napolean that will generate over $1 million for the company. Nextronex Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Greg Knudson, says the project will lock in the city's energy costs for 20 years. "We are building the equipment right now and will do the installing in early summer," Mr. Knudson said.

One of the Nextronex employees working on the Napolean project is Sumler Ramsey, who was laid off from his job in the automotive industry in 2008. " I was in automotive prior to this but lost my job due to the downsizing and I just wanted to do something out of the box and this has turned out to be great," Mr. Ramsey said.

Nextronex employs a full time staff of 13 people at their headquarters at the University of Toledo's incubator complex on Dorr Street in South Toledo. The company was founded in 2008 and in 2011 generated sales of $2 million. For more information log onto the company's website