Toledo starts to demolish blighted homes

The City has started to demolish blighted homes throughout Toledo.

The house located at 1022 harding being among the first, in an effort to revitalize the neighborhoods.

County Treasurer Wade Kapszukiewicz calls the demos small steps, but 900 homes in the next year and a half is anything but.

"Once they get these abandoned houses down, it's going to do incredible things for the property value of the houses in this neighborhood," says the neighbor of the property, who will puchase the land for only a dollar.

She says the abandoned house next door has been costing her money for years.

"I pay twice as much as i should in insurance. I've been denied by three major insurance companies because that was a fire hazard," she says.

She says she already has plans for the lot. "I'm going to flip the fence back out, finish fencing it in, and hopefully get a pool in there."

The City of Toledo along with the Lucas County Land Band received money from grants and delinquent tax fees to fund the home demos.

They are pleased that these tear-downs are not costing the tax payer a single cent.

The grant runs through December of 2013, which means they have until then to finish the 900 demolitions or they will lose any money they haven't used.