Toledo to step up red light camera enforcement

The city of Toledo will begin targeted enforcement and collection of red light camera fines as part of an effort to boost compliance with the law and collect outstanding citations that have not been paid. The enforcement program will start October 1 and run through October 31.

Vehicle owners whose vehicles have two or more citations issued against their registration run the risk of having their vehicles immobilized or towed. To retrieve and release the vehicle, the owner will be required to pay all outstanding tickets as well as fees associated with towing or immobilizing. To avoid having their vehicle immobilized or towed, those with two or more citations will be allowed to enter payment arrangements with the city.

Those residents who want to resolve outstanding citations should contact Red Flex -- the owner and operator of the red light cameras -- at 1-877-847-2338. If the fines are past due and in collection, residents can contact the law firm of Scheer, Green and Burke at (419) 243-2283. Questions can be answered by the Toledo Police traffic section at (419) 245-3143.