Toledo voters asked to support parks levy

The city of Toledo cites budget constraints and vandalism as major reasons for demolishing public pools.

A handful of elected officials and other civic leaders met at Savage Park in Central Toledo on Tuesday afternoon to discuss the future of the city's Parks and Recreations Department.

City Councilman Steve Steel says The Great Recession has had a drastic impact on the Parks and Recreation Department.

"When the budget has had problems parks and recreations is the first to be cut and that is why we are standing next to a pool that is in disrepair and that is closed," Steel said.

Mayor Mike Bell concedes that Parks and Recreation is operating on a bare bones budget.

"They only got $900,000 this year and we have a population of of 300,000 people so that is just a drop in the bucket," Mayor Bell said.

Issue 5 is a property tax levy on the November ballot. It is a one mills levy that would cost the owner of a $60,000 home $18 a year and would raise $3 million in revenue.