Toledo water quality dashboard updated to “watch” status

City of Toledo updates water dashboard to "watch" status.  (FILE)

The City of Toledo has updated the online water quality dashboard to reflect a “watch” status.

Tests for microcystin, a toxin produced by blue-green algae, indicate 7.45 parts per billion in untreated water at the intake crib in Lake Erie.

There has been no trace of microcystin in tap water so far.

The water quality dashboard will be updated to “caution” if this happens.

A city spokesperson stresses the tap water is safe to drink, and water does not need to be treated in any way.

Water treatment professionals will continue to closely monitor conditions in the intake crib in Lake Erie 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Toledo residents were unable to drink tap water for three days after a “do not drink” order was issued in August of 2014.

You can view Toledo's water quality dashboard here.

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