Toledo woman leaves 5-month-old baby in car while shopping

Police are warning not to leave kids in parked cars.

After an all too frequent occurrence, Oregon police took to Facebook Thursday to warn people of the dangers of leaving kids inside parked cars.

The police department thanked a citizen for reporting a baby left in a parked car in the lot of an Oregon WalMart Wednesday evening.

According to the Blade, Michelle Emch, 30, of Toledo, was arrested by Oregon police after allegedly spending more than 30 minutes inside the WalMart while her 5-month-old baby was in her car.

Emch was charged with first-degree misdemeanor child endangerment and later released. Just hours later, around 3 a.m., Emch was pulled over by Oregon officers and cited for not restraining two child passengers, 4 years and a baby, with safety belts. She was also given a citation for expired plates.

Emch is scheduled to be arraigned Friday.

Temperatures rose into the 80's Wednesday, with high humidity ahead of strong storms.

On Thursday, Oregon police warned its Facebook audience that temperatures rise fast in cars, even with the windows cracked. "Even if you just need to duck into the store for 'two minute,' take the kids with you," the post read.