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      Toledo woman refunded money for over-priced bottled water

      A Toledo woman outraged over the price she was charged for bottled water during the city's water crisis has received a refund.

      Barbara Imber was charged $47 for 19 bottles of water she purchased during the crisis in early August. She got her refund after she contacted the Ohio Attorney General's office, which is currently investigating 58 local stores, including the one Imber got her water from, for possible price gouging.

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      I mber says she's disappointed her fight to get her money went this far. "H ad they even met me halfway, I n ever would have followed through on what I threatened to do, but they wouldn't do anything," Imber said. "So, I followed through on my end and I'm glad I did."

      Imber learned of her refund following a report on NBC 24 News, Wednesday, August 13.

      A clerk at the carryout confirmed that the store refunded Imber her money. Store owners still haven't returned a call for comment.