Toledo woman shares success story in More Magazine

With the American obesity epidemic and its tragic stories often making frontpage news, it's refreshing to hear a success story that advocates living healthy and, more importantly, feeling healthy.

Toledo resident Jennifer Wagner profiled her fitness journey in the July/August edition of More Magazine. Through moderation, willpower and exercise, Wagner shed 118 pounds and says she isn't looking back.

"The biggest catalyst for me... I was outside with my daughters playing soccer and I realized that I didn't have the physical capability to be running around with them," she said. "That was that aha moment that I thought, 'Wow, this weight isn't just affecting me, it's impacting them.'"

After joining Weight Watchers and learning about portion control, Wagner started an exercise routine and kept a food diary to help her stay on track. Wagner told WNWO the biggest part of her success was not punishing herself and taking the journey day by day.

"Don't look at the end goal, set smaller goals. If I would've said, 'Oh my gosh, I have to lose 100 pounds' and just focus on the end, it seems overwhelming. But if you say, 'I want to lose five percent of my weight and ten percent'--set smaller goals you can achieve that encourages further success.'"

You can read Jennifer's full story in More Magazine.