Toledoans assess Obama's first year in office

On the eve of the first anniversary of Barack Obama's inauguration as the 44th President of the United States, Toledoans from all walks of life offered their assessment of Obama's first year.

John C. Jones, President and CEO of the Greater Toledo Urban League, remarked that Obama came into office with many challenges laid before him. "I think it's been a tough year for him, we've got two wars, the economy has tanked and we have the issue of health care," Mr. Jones said.

Vernon Liddell, who owns a barbershop in West Toledo has noticed that Obama's support has eroded considerably. "A year ago today how many people were with President Barack Obama and a year later how many are not," Mr. Liddell said.

20-year-old student Jasmine Tate says she remains optomistic that the President will be able to turn the economy around. "I think his plan to improve the economy is smart and I think it is going to be successful," Ms. Tate said.