Toledoans concerned about suspected serial stabber

Toledo residents are reacting with grave concern that Toledo Police have connected Saturday's stabbing of a church custodian in the Old West End with more than two dozen other stabbings that have ocurred in Michigan and Virginia.

Toledo Police Chief Mike Navarre says clues from Saturday's Collingwood Blvd. stabbing led his detectives to the conclusion that the man who has fatally stabbed five people in Flint, Michigan was the same man who attacked 59-year-old Anthony Leno. "The description of the suspect, the description of the vehicle and the modus operandi would lead us to believe that the incident in Toledo was perpetrated by the same suspect," Chief Navarre said.

Police in Leesburg, Virginia, where the suspect is credited with three attacks, released surveillance camera footage of the suspect driving his Dark Green Chevy Blazer in a mall parking lot moments before he attacked one of his victims. Police say that the man's practice has been to approach people asking them for directions, then he strikes. Also of concern to authorities is that all but one of the victims has been a black male.

Deandre Allen lives across the street from where the Saturday stabbing took place. "I feel like it's crazy because the way they say he is doing it asking people for directions and with people realy being lost out here sometimes he's taking advantage of that and stabbing people; that's crazy," Mr. Allen said.