Toledoans react to health care rollout issues

<p>Obama wants to website to be fixed by the end of November.</p>

Toledoans are reacting to the President Obama's temporary fix, which loosens the rules under his health care law.

WNWO caught up with two uninsured residents to get their thoughts on the president's decision to make changes to the health care law. The insurance companies have the option to keep consumers their plans that would otherwise be canceled for at least a year.

"For people who needed that insurance, it's good for them," explains uninsured resident Lakita Peals.

Toledo resident Zacc Williams says despite the recent negative reaction to the health care rollout, it's good for uninsured people like him.

"It's a good thing for me because it makes it available for me to afford some type of healthcare, knowing I don't have any," explains Williams.

The president admitted to two fumbles. The promise that people would be able to keep their current plans and the constant glitches with web site.

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People like Williams are wondering if the website was rushed out.

"To bring it out so fast and not being done, that wasn't a good idea at all," said Williams.

Obama said in the news conference Thursday, he planned for the web site fixed by the end of November.