Toledo's Biggest Losers have a huge shake up in December

Toledo's Biggest Losers race through Super Fitness carrying 25 pounds of canned goods through an obstacle course then donate it to charity.

Toledoâ??s Biggest Losers are just less than five months away from their finale and for the first time, they will have an elimination weigh in at the end of January. Someone in the Featured 9 will move down to the Wild Card team. NBC's Biggest Loser, Patrick House will joining the competition in January.

Decemberâ??s Christmas Case Race has become one of our favorite challenges. Not just because the contestants got a really good workout, but the payoff at the finale was better than any ribbon. We sent 25 cases of canned goods to the food pantry. And of course, Toledo's Biggest Losers didn't stop there. They also brought in hundreds of dollars of food donations of their own.

All 67 contestants are still in the running for Toledo's Biggest Loser and so far, no one has been eliminated. They are focusing on themselves going to weekly group workouts, sweating with their trainers and even attending meal planning classes with their dieticians and the pounds are melting off.

A nervous bunch of Toledo's Biggest Losers paced Super Fitness this month for the Christmas Case Race. It is mandatory for the Featured 9 and one was missing! Where is Dayvon Tevis?

All contestants have to carry 25 pounds of canned goods, donated by Meijer, and then go through our rigorous obstacle course.

Julie Garand was the first out of the gate. She is one of the Featured 9 and powered off at a good pace. Wild Card Team's Ruben Lopez, last month's challenge winner, was off like lightning! It was tough for our crew to keep up! Josh Koppert is another Wild Card and was in second place last month and by the way he speeds around the square, he wants to beat Ruben!

Each player has to go around this square 5 times. Angie Rowen-Awls get some coaching from her husband and trainer, Adrian. Even Super Loser threw a case on his shoulder and tried to keep up.

Next, they sprinted for the aerobics room, only to find a shuttle run with an extra twist! Featured 9 Contestant Erin McClellan kept a smile on her face as she dipped below the rope, touched the dumbbell.More challengers go under the rope and on to the next surprise exercise. And they are still carrying an extra 25 pounds of canned food every step of the way.

Each player has to set their case down, then lift this 15 pound bar above their head 10 times. Bradley Cresswell, another of the Featured 9, tossed a weighted bar above his head and made it look like he's tossing around a child's Christmas toy! The clock is ticking for each contestant! And some are showing signs of fatigue. They have one last challenge! They have to put both feet on this step 15 times, carrying their case of food. Ashley Oloshove takes the steps easily with lightning speed.

But Julie Garand fights through it and pushes herself to finish strong. Wild Card Jessica Thompson was in third place in the last challenge, and by the determination on her face, you can see she wants to finish on top this time!

Wild Card Donnie Donavant is concentrating on finishing 15 step ups when Featured 9 player, Carolyn Gaylord catches up to him. Even with back pain, Carolyn pushes herself to hold that case tight. Ruben skips through the step ups with ease. But Wild Card Marge Malear struggles to catch her breath. Rodger Bunte hits the steps and passes Marge. She gets lapped by other contestants, but that doesn't matter. With encouragement from the other players, she says she is determined to do this and she will finish!

Rebecca Cortz finished. Dave Griffin finished and they all follow. For the end of the race, each one of them puts their case on the truck to be taken to a local food pantry.

The fastest case currier in the race was Ruben Lopez with a time of 2:37:08. Josh Koppert came in second with 2:40:08. Jessica Thompson was third with 2:48:01 and Angie Rowen-Awls was fourth with a time of 2:57:09 .

The three fastest players are on the wild card team and Angie was the top competitor in the Featured 9.


We are still seeing the numbers go down for most of the competitors. 39 out of 67 stepped on the scale this month. The highest percent of weight loss goes to Josh Koppert. This Wild Card Leader lost over 23 pounds, for almost nine percent weight loss this month. And because he has so much extra credit, his total is 12.69.

The second spot goes to Bradley Cresswell. He's the first person in the Featured 9 to make to the top four. Brad lost over 16 pounds taking his weight loss percentage to 5.04 and his total hits 8.04 when you add extra credit.

Third place goes to Shawn Wendel! She is on the Wild Card Team really fought hard this month! She lost almost 15 pounds making her percent of weight loss five and a half percent. She is at 7.55 with extra credit.

Fourth place goes to one of our toughest challengers in the bunch! Marge Malear! This girl pushes herself to exhaustion every challenge! She lost 9 pounds this month with a weight loss percentage of almost 4 and a half. Her total with extra credit is 7.48.


Here is a look at how the Featured 9 players rank so far:

Dayvon Tevis was going strong into the Christmas Case Race, but moves to the Wild Card Team.

Ninth place goes to Erin McClellan with 9.22 percent. Eighth place goes to Julie Garand with 12.25 percent of total weight loss. Seventh place Rebecca Cortez with 12.61. Sixth place is Angie Rowen-Awls at 13.16 percent. Fifth place, Jerry Zalecki with 14.66 percent. Jennifer Wojciekowski is beating him by a hair with 14.68 percent.

And in the top three, Carolyn Gaylord has 15.36 percent. Second place goes to Brad Cresswell with 17.35 percent and the guy that is also leading the wild card team rockets his way to the top of the Featured 9. Josh Koppert is on top with 24.55 percent.

Now, the rest of the wild card team will battle for that last spot in the top ten!

1 Josh Koppert

2 Bradley Cresswell

3 Carolyn Gaylord

4 Jennifer Wojciechowski

5 Jerry Zalecki

6 Angie Rowen-Awls

7 Rebecca Cortez

8 Julie Garand

9 Erin McClellan

10 - Wild Card Player