Toledo's new red light cameras are ready to go

The approval process for adding 11 new red light cameras at 6 different locations, around the City of Toledo, is nearly complete.

Still, local law enforcement and city officials are trying to dismiss criticism that the additional cameras are being added to generate revenue.

"I am sure some people think itâ??s all about the money and itâ??s not," Toledo Police spokesman Sgt. Joe Heffernan said.

Instead, officials say the primary purpose of the technology is to increase public safety.

"If we can justify the cameras being at an intersection strictly based on a reduction in injury accidents then we have accomplished what we wanted to accomplish," Toledo Councilman D. Michael Collins said.

In fact, Collins says the idea to add more red light cameras came from a supplier looking to compete with the Cityâ??s current traffic camera company, Redflex Traffic Systems Inc.

With the competitorâ??s proposal on the table, the City of Toledo was able to work out an agreement with Redflex to add the cameras and at a financial benefit for the Glass City.

"Our share of revenue will be increased...we are going to see a greater percentage of fines," Collins said.

But officials maintain that monetary benefit did not play a factor in deciding where the new red light cameras would go.

"These locations were picked due to the number of accidents and incidents we've had at these locations along with the number of complaints and violations that occur," Heffernan said.

Using that data, the following intersections were selected to receive the new cameras:

- 2 at Secor Road and West Alexis Road

- 2 at Anthony Wayne Trail and Glendale Avenue

- 2 at West Bancroft Street and North Reynolds Road

- 2 at Heatherdowns Boulevard and South Byrne Road

- 1 at North Detroit Avenue and Dorr Street;

- 1 at Talmadge Road and Monroe Street

- 1 at Collingwood Boulevard and Dorr Street

Toledo Police Chief Derrick Diggs is on board with the additions and has been a supporter of incorporating technology into fighting crime.

â??Itâ??s no secret we donâ??t have the number of police officers we used to have and we are really relying a lot on technology,â?? Heffernan said of the Toledo Police Department.

The TPD spokesman adds that â??If you are doing the speed limit and not running red lights, you should have nothing to worry about.â??