Toledo's older crowd is tech savvy

A look at data collected from the technology use study. / Great Lakes Marketing

If you believe old dogs can't learn new tricks, check this out: A new study reveals Toledo's 60 to 70 year-old-crowd is using and loving the latest tech gadgets and trends.

Great Lakes Marketing found 90 percent of seniors in the greater Toledo area have a computer at home and more than half use wireless Internet. About 70 percent of this group also shops online, which opens new communication lines for kids to send e-retail wishlists to grandparents for the holiday season.

"Be careful," warned Lori Dixon, principal at Great Lakes Marketing. "If you have not kept pace with gift giving, you may find that the sweater or card game you bought grandma getting re-sold on eBay."

About one-third of those in their 60s and 70s have eBay accounts. "That means you better be careful about trying to re-gift what you received also. You may get caught!" Dixon added.

Worried about grandma trailblazing over the river and through the woods to your house? Older drivers are getting a leg up with portable GPS systems and online mapping sites--about 20 percent, according to the study.

Great Lakes Marketing conducted the Techno Toledo poll to begin tracking the use of technology among Toledoans of all ages. The results were collected by phone, personal interviews and online so as not to introduce any bias in the sample of over 1,000 respondents.