Toledo's pools in limbo due to proposed budget cuts

Commissioner Garvin says last year it took more $230,000 to keep the city's six pools open.

Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins is searching for alternatives in the budget to determine if the city's pools will open for the summer.

It was a last minute announcement made after residents showed up to Thursday's city council meeting. The mayor's administration said the action to close the six pools and Savage Park splash pad comes because of proposed budget cuts and a smaller municipal budget.

"I am going to look at the law enforcement trust. I'm going to try to see if there's sufficient money in there to move the money through the police and make the pools part of the police athletic league," explained Mayor Collins.

Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Commissioner Denny Garvin said his department has a proposed budget of $13 million. The department oversees not just pools, but also parks, recreation centers and cemeteries.

A budget report from the department revealed revenue and attendance from operating the city pools has been on a decline. About 24,000 people used the pools opened in 2012, but the number went down to about 16,000 people last year. The city made a total of $15 million last year, but that's down a nearly $6 million from the 2012 report.

Commissioner Garvin said last year it took more $230,000 to keep the city's six pools open. He said if they can get that same amount, the pools could open this summer.