Toledo's United Way celebrates 95th by serving community

United Way's 'Days of Caring' is hitting the streets of Toledo with 2,500 voulenteers completing 400 projects all in one weekend.

The United Way is celebrating 95 years in Toledo!

The organization is kicking off the celebrations by serving the community with 400 projects. Organization officials say 2,500 volunteers will be working over the weekend to complete the projects but hope that the service opportunities will be ongoing.

The United Way is focusing on specific neighborhoods, like Central Toledo, to beautify and revitalize. Officials hope to raise $15 million this year to keep those and future projects rolling.

â??This is the first time weâ??ve focused on one neighborhood for Days of Caring,â?? said Karen Mathison, president and CEO of United Way of Greater Toledo. â??And we have twice as many volunteers as weâ??ve ever had before.

The neighborhood has rallied around this, including residents, churches, and small businesses â?? everyoneâ??s being lifted up by coming together to improve their community.â??

United Way encourages any who are interested in volunteering or donating supplies to call 419-244-3063 or go to