Tony Packo case ends in acquittal

The Grandson of Tony Packo's Restaurant founder was accused of stealing more than $170,000 from the restaurant chain over a four year period.

Cathleen Dooley, the company's controller, was accused of mudding information in financial records making the theft possible.

As of thursday morning, their fate was delivered in a verdict of not guilty.

"We are just grateful to have this day behind us and we're gonna celebrate with friends and family," says Tony Packo III, Grandson of the restaurant founder.

He and Dooley were accused by Tony Packo's cousin, Robin Horvath.

That family relationship is described by many Toledoans as a rivalry, a family feud over controlling interest in the restaurant chain.

Packo and Dooley greeted the jury outside the courtroom to thank them, then addressed them for about 30 minutes behind closed doors.

"We are very very fortunate to have a wonderful group of jurors," says Packo.

He says the ending to two years of investigation is a welcome relief to the Packo family. He intends to get back to his business, and making the Toledo staple move forward, which was made famous by its mentions from Toledo native Jamie Farr's character, Corporal Klinger on the hit 70's show M*A*S*H.

Tony Packo III said, "Tony Packo's has been an icon of the community, because of the community, and because of support we've received from all over the country. I think we have a bright future."

The now acquitted, were charged with a felony of the third degree, which brings a penatly of one to five years in prison, and a max fine of $10,000.