Toothpaste and a dream caused scare at Ohio University

White, not blue, toothpaste was used to seal an envelope, prompting evacuations at Ohio University.

A tube of toothpaste and a man's dreams of higher education led to evacuations of employees at Ohio University last week.

Officials say a white powder was discovered leading to the evacuation of a building. The white powder was discovered to be toothpaste used to seal an envelope.

A laboratory test performed at the Ohio Department of Health confirmed that the substance was in fact toothpaste, university police said in a news release.

The envelope was mailed by a West Virginia prison inmate and contained application and background materials. The inmate was applying to attend the university.

Authorities interviewed the person who mailed the package and determined that toothpaste had been used to seal the envelope. The toothpaste had dried and flaked into a powder.

The discovery of the white powder Thursday led to the evacuation of employees from the Ohio University Legal Affairs Office at the West Union Street Office Center and a People's Bank branch in the same building. The FBI and a weapons of mass destruction team from Rickenbacker Air Force Base in Columbus were called to investigate.

Officials said the employee who reported the white powder acted appropriately.

Sealing envelopes with toothpaste is a common practice among inmates, according to a university statement.

(The Associated Press contributed to this article.)