Tornado damage confirmed in Wood, Lucas counties

<p>Maximum wind speeds were estimated between 120-125mph.</p>

National Weather Service survey teams have completed their evaluation of storm damage last night in parts of Wood and Lucas counties.

The survey confirms that a tornado did cause some of the widespread damage across the area late Sunday.

According to the N.W.S. report, the tornado formed near Lime City Road and U.S. 20 just outside of Perrysburg.

The tornado reached a strength of EF-2 near Oregon Road and SR 795.

It then continued moving to the northeast at mostly EF-1 and EF-0 strength before intensifying again in the city of Oregon, where several homes were destroyed.

The tornado was estimated to have first touched down at 5:33pm and had dissipated shortly before 6 p.m.

Maximum wind speeds were estimated between 120 to 125mph.

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At its maximum, the path was 150 to 200 feet wide and damage was scattered along a path of about 12 miles.

Survey crews also confirmed that an EF-1 Tornado touched down in the southern portion of Wood County in the town of Jerry City.

That tornado started near Main St. and Huffman Road, lifting about a mile to the east along Jerry City Road.

It is estimated to have first touched down around 5:35pm, lifting by 5:40pm.

Maximum path width was said to be 75 to 100 yards wide with maximum winds estimated between 105 and 110mph.