Tornado rips Millbury family apart

Ted and Katy Kranz

Karen Monroe had just seconds after the tornado sirens went off to get to the basement. Five minutes later, the storm was over.

We had a 40-foot building here that had our trucks and motorcycles and cars in and stuff like that so it's all gone, said Monroe, a resident of Case Street in Milbury.

The good news is, she survived, but the family two houses down was not so lucky. It TMs just sad, just so sad, said Scott Conley with tears in his eyes.

Conley was at his parent TMs house just across the street from what is now a pile of flooded rubble. The first thing you think is make sure your immediate family is ok and as soon as that was over, first thing I thought about doing was just making sure everybody else in the area was going to be ok, said Conley.

As soon as the tornado passed, Conley ran across the street to find his neighbors buried in their basement. He was able to get mom Cindy and kids Michael and Katy out safe, but dad Ted Kranz didn't make it.

Rescue crews found Kranz's body Sunday morning in another part of the house. From what I understand the husband, the dad ran upstairs and didn't make it back in time, said Conley.

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Katy Kranz is a Lake High School senior and class valedictorian her lost not only her home Saturday night, but her soon-to-be alma mater as well. Lake High School suffered extensive damage and will most likely have to be completely rebuilt. Graduation ceremonies, scheduled to take place Sunday, have been rescheduled for 7:00 p.m. Tuesday, June 8, at the Owens Community College Student Health and Activities Center.