Tornado touches down in Kansas, Ohio

Kansas, OH - Seneca County residents say a tornado did touch down just to the East of Kansas.

The path of damage starts near a house on West Township Road 36, where tall pine trees in the yard were completely uprooted.

Two of the trees fell on top of the attached garage, but caused only minimal damage. Tire tracks could be seen in the mud outside of the garage door, as if the homeowner had carefully manuevered out of the garage and around the tree, which had been trimmed to allow access in and out.

The tornado continued East down TR-36, and then looks as if it jumped over the road and into a corn field about 100 yards away.

Bent stalks of corn are isolated in the center of the field, indicating the funnel was hopping through the town. The area resembled a crop circle, and much of the corn surrounding it looked untouched.

The tornado is reported to have only lasted about 100 yards, and was categorized as a EF-0, the lowest level tornado.

75-mile-per-hour winds continued down the road, passing over the home of Robert Gangwer.

"I went to the window and I could barely see out my window. It was just a wall of water going sideways," says Gangwer.

He has lived in the town for ten years, and says the power of this storm was the worst he had ever seen.

But he says he barely even had time to be frightened.

"I was ready to run down into the basement, but by the time i thought of it, it was over. It only lasted about 15 seconds," explains Gangwer.

The storm quickly moving down the road, leaving splintered trees and branches in its wake, and knocking down at least one power line.

Wet weather has been battering the Midwest in recent weeks, and residents in towns like Kansas, Ohio are watching the areas prone to flooding.

More damage to trees and some structures were reported a few miles down the road in Bettsville, but thankfully there are no reports of injuries.