Tough protection for your smartphone

Many cell phone users are investing in so-called smartphones. While these gadgets can perform some pretty amazing functions, the phones can be expensive to replace if broken.

As PC Mike Wendland reports for NBC, investing in a rugged case is a good idea.

Wendland turned to a "Ballistic" case to protect his new iphone after he dropped his first, unprotected iphone on the ground during a bike ride.

What seemed to convince this techie that this was the right case for him was the demonstrations: dropping the encased phone off of a 15 foot ladder, out of a moving car, even running over it.

The downside, he says, is that it is a little bulky.

Wendland reports that Ballistic makes cases for the iphone, Blackberry, Droid and other brands for about $30.

CLICK HERE to read Wendland's blog post on the subject and to see video of the demos mentioned.

Would you invest in a case like this for your smartphone?