TPD confiscates 421 guns so far in 2017

A picture posted by the Toledo Police Department.

Toledo, Ohio (WNWO)--Since the beginning of the year, the Toledo Police department has confiscated 421 firearms averaging 3-4 per day.

"Most come in through traffic stops," said Public Information Officer Lietenant Joe Heffernan. They also find guns via Police calls, when searching locations for drug warrant and also through gang activity.

To combat gun violence, Police have also increased efforts such as their STOP program which just started at the beginning of the month.

They put Officers in neighborhoods at specific times where data shows violence is likely to happen.

After they get the guns some are held in a property room, others kept for evidence for, some- like those taken from felons--are destroyed. Many they can't resell for fear of putting them back in the wrong hands.

Very Rarely, they're able to keep the guns and re purpose them for law enforcement use.

Though property crime is down, there's still a large number of people illegally obtaining guns, which is a concern for those like Lamar Vickers.

He thinks gun owners need to undergo more in tests.

" We can't stop that [gun violence], but what we can do is make sure individuals who are not eligible or intellectually responsible do not have them."

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