TPD not ruling out gangs after murder, suspected arson at Toledo home

The home on Montrose Avenue where 21-year-old Kidon McCalebb was shot (NBC

Toledo, Ohio (WNWO)-- "On Saturday I got a call from my niece saying my oldest sister put on Facebook that they killed her baby boy..." said Marquita King.

The call was even more terrible for King, because it seemed like history was repeating itself.

"My brother got killed in 1996 by a gang," said King. Her brother, Edward Demar King, was the same age as her nephew 21 year-old Kidon McCaleb. He was shot and killed Saturday.

" This is just like a repeat," said King , "Because the same people that killed my brother basically killed my nephew too."

On Saturday at 10: 10 a.m. officers were dispatched to a home on Montrose Avenue where McCalebb was found suffering from a single gunshot wound.He died just a few hours later.

On Sunday Firefighters were called to the home for a fire on the 3rd floor, which Police believe was intentionally set.

"We're pretty sure there was a connection between the fire and the homicide," said Lieutenant Joe Heffernan, Public Information Officer for the Toledo Police Department.

On Monday morning a car was also found torched outside the same home, though Police say no incident report was filed regarding the crime.

One suspect was arrested in connection to McCalebb's murder, 24-year-old Travon Smith. Two other men,brothers Paul and Rashawn Pickle, were charged with felonious assault for allegedly firing shots into the same house.

All three men appeared in court Monday.

What makes the incident even more troubling is that less than 48 hours after McCalebb's death 16-year-old Shelton Hicks was killed.

Autopsy reports showed both men died the same way-- from a single gunshot wound.

Police are not calling the string of criminal activity a gang war, but they are not ruling out gang-related activity as a cause for the string of crime.

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