TPD talks surveillance cameras with city officials

On Friday, Toledo Police met with the city's Public Safety, Law & Criminal Justice Committee to discuss plans for bringing surveillance cameras to the Glass City.

TPD is currently trying to secure funding for the purchase of the surveillance cameras which would be used as a crime fighting tool.

After taking office in October 2011, Chief Derrick Diggs announced he wanted to bring the technology to Toledo.

Diggs initially estimated the department would be looking at buying "between 73 and 75 surveillance cameras" with plans to place them "in strategic locations throughout the city."

Those numbers appear to have increased in the last several months.

According to Toledo Police Lt. Michael Troendle, the department is interested in purchasing between 75 and 100 cameras.

But Troendle says that estimate may increase or decrease depending on the funding they are able to obtain.

In the past, Diggs had said that funding for the cameras would "come from (the city's) law enforcement trust fund."

Now, according to the Toledo Blade, the police department has also requested $700,000 in funding from the city's capital improvements fund.

"I don't think itâ??s an issue of too much or whether itâ??s worth it, I think itâ??s an issue as to the priorities of society," said Toledo City Councilman D. Michael Collins.

Collins, who chairs the Public Safety, Law & Criminal Justice Committee, says that Friday's meeting with TPD and their proposed vendor was simply an informational session.