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      TPS awarded $3.8M in federal grant money

      Toledo Public Schools has been awarded $3.8 million in federal funds as part of President Obama's nationwide Youth Career Connect Initiative.President Obama announced on Monday that 24 school districts nationwide would receive money. The President spoke about the initiative at a high school in Maryland."Part of our concern has been a lot of our high schools have been designed with curriculums based on the 1940's and 50's and 60's. So the idea behind this competition is how do we start making high school more interesting, more exciting, more relevant to young people," Mr. Obama said.

      The initiative is designed to encourage high schools to develop classroom instruction that will help students gain career level training. Toledo Technical Academy (TTA) will be one of the TPS schools that will benefit from the program. TTA already has a program where students are learning advanced science and engineering in workshops."We are getting them college credit, and we want to encourage them to go out there and figure out what kind of job they want and what kind of training they need to perform that job," said David Volk, Assistant Director of the Toledo Technical Academy.

      The Toledo Community Foundation helped TPS leaders write the grant proposal. Local companies such as Xunlight, Dana Holding Company and General Motors are offering internships to TPS students.