TPS Board votes to appoint Dr. Adams as president

Bob Vasquez will replace Dr. Adam's position.

The Toledo Board of Education voted unanimously in favor of appointing Dr. Cecelia Adams as board president at its Thursday meeting.

Dr. Adams will replace Brenda Hill, who did not run for re-election.

Dr. Adams previous' position as vice president of the board will be replaced by Bob Vasquez.

The board has approved a $2.2 million plan in December to build football stadiums for Scott and Woodward high Schools. Neither school has a stadium, and had to play their games at other schoolsâ?? fields.

Each school received $1.1 million to fund the construction, using funds from a 2004 bond. School officials say the money could allow both stadiums to use artificial turf for their fields. The anticipated completion date is set for 2014-2015 school year.

Dr. Romules Durant agreed to a multi-year contract in December to serve as Toledo Public Schools Superintendent until 2018.