TPS faces lawsuit after class trip ends in student's hospitalization

<font size="2">The family is filing lawsuit against TPS and the individual teacher chaperones.</font>

The mother of an eighth-grade Toledo Public Schools student says her daughter's pleas for help on a school trip went unanswered - resulting in her hospitalization.

The family's attorney, Charles Boyk, tells WNWO the 14-year-old Beverly Elementary student was on a class trip to Washington, D.C. when she became seriously ill, vomited numerous times during the four day excursion, and reportedly lost 13 pounds.

Despite a signed medical authorization form by the girl's mother, Boyk says the girl did not receive medical attention, nor did the chaperones contact the family. Boyk claims the child asked repeatedly to sit out from activities, but instead was told to sit by the bathroom with a trash bag.

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Upon her return, the girl was diagnosed severely dehydrated by emergency room doctors and was hospitalized for seven days. Her medical bills topped $30,000.

Now, the family is filing lawsuit against TPS and the individual teacher chaperones, citing negligence on their part.

TPS has acknowledged the lawsuit, but has denied comment. The girl is now in good health, but is no longer a TPS student.

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