TPS hopes new levy plan will get the vote

Board members of Toledo Public Schools have been trying to figure out a tax levy that Toledo voters would approve.

"The community, because of our economic situation, does not want to pay or have their taxes raised. And we understand that and nobody really does wants that," says TPS board member Bob Vasquez.

The district had a levy on the November ballot that called for a tax increase, but it failed to pass. Now they are trying to appeal to the Toledo voters with a different approach.

"Levies that we've had have been for new money. This renewal has been here. It's a renewal, and the money that we have from that, is already in our budget," explains Vasquez.

The current levy, which has been in place since 2008, generates about $13 million for the district annually, and by simply renewing, it would not cost the tax payers another dime.

"It's money that we're already using to provide the level of service that we are already providing," Says Vasquez.

He is sure that a failure to pass the renewal would be detremental to local schools because their financial resources are already stretched to the limit.

"We've had concessions from our labor unions. We have made cuts. We're at a point now where we cannot afford to lose anymore money.

They must now choose when to put it to a vote.

Vasquez says, "In May and August it is a special election because there is no other elections going on the ballot and we have to pay for that election."

They also have the option to put it on the November ballot without having to pay for a special election, but if it failed to pass at that time, the current levy would expire before another vote could take place.

The levy, which was approved with 61% of the vote in 2008, ends at the end of 2013.