TPS management, union leaders in Denver for collaboration conference

Click on the video link above to watch our entire interview with Dr. Jerome Pecko and union leader Fran Lawrence.

Toledo Public School District leaders were in Denver Wednesday night, reflecting on a two day conference hosted by the U.S. Department of Education. The conference was all about collaboration between management and unions.

NBC24 had the chance to talk with TPS Superintendent Dr. Jerry Pecko and Toledo Federation of Teachers Union President Fran Lawrence live via satellite from Denver about what they learned and how it will affect TPS's current proposed transformation.

"The plan that the district has rolled out has many positives. It has not had input from the stakeholders-- teachers, parents and others. So what needs to happen now is everybody needs to come to the table in order to shape the future in terms of transformation," said Lawrence.

NBC24 will have more from TPS leaders tonight at 11 p.m. including their thoughts on the argument in Columbus to strip teacher's unions of collective bargaining rights.