TPS marches to Stomp Out Bullying

<p> <font size="2">Administrators at Toledo Public Schools joined students and parents at an anti-bullying demonstration on Saturday.</font> </p>

Administrators at Toledo Public Schools joined students and parents at an anti-bullying demonstration on Saturday.

â??One, two, three, four, bullying is out the door,â?? the marchers chanted, as they circled the University of Toledo Scott Park Campus. The demonstration is part of the districtâ??s first Stomp Out Bullying campaign, which it hopes will help control the issue.

â??We wanted to get the message of anti-bullying out to the community and tell about the different things weâ??re doing at Toledo Public Schools,â?? said Heather Baker, Director of Public Placement at TPS. She continued, â??We hear a lot about cyber-bullying and that has been an issue, but the students have done a good job of getting positive messages out on cyber-bullying and what we can do to prevent it; how to stand strong in numbers and when we see those things taking place we can report it.â??

14-year-old Raven Foster participated in the event, and shared her personal bullying experience that has persisted since she was the new kid in town in elementary school.

â??Thereâ??s days where I really donâ??t want to go to school at all, and itâ??s not good, itâ??s hard,â?? said Foster.

Foster says she has been tormented physically and emotionally on a regular basis. She attributes some of it to her shy personality. Now, sheâ??s taking a stand, and recently found a non-violent way to fight back through an anti-bullying blog.

â??I just talk about different things that goes on during bullying, my bullying experience,â?? said Foster. She continued, â??I have a couple different posts that tell my bullying experience.â??

The blog already has over 1,000 followers, and Foster hopes it will inspire others to stand up to bullies.

â??Hopefully I can reach out to more and more people about it, and understand that youâ??re not the only one going through it,â?? Foster added.

Itâ??s that message that TPS hopes will help kids like Raven stop the harassment, and maintain respect between students in the district.