TPS receives mixed Ohio report card

The Ohio Board of Education released its report card for public school districts for the 2012-2013 school year. This year the state is using a letter grade system to rate districts. Grades are given in 9 categories. Toledo Public Schools received F grades in the following categories- State Test Indicators Met, 4-Year Graduation Rate, 5-Year Graduation, Reading and Math Scores. The district the grade of A for Students in the Lowest 20% of Achievement and Students with Disabilities.

Jim Gault, Chief Academic Officer for TPS says the report card showes progress. "Though we received an F in the graduation rate, just like every other urban school district in the state we have seena 2.2% increase in our graduation rate from the previous year," Mr. Gault said.

The state board of education will begin giving letter grades for overall district performance starting in 2015.