TPS school buses shares TARTA garage

About 24 TPS buses will meet at the main TARTA garage on Central Avenue.

TPS and TARTA announced a partnership Friday morning.

About 24 TPS buses will be held at the main TARTA garage on Central Avenue instead of their previous location on Hill Avenue. The school district said it will save money and unify bus routes for north and central Toledo students.

The school district claims the central TARTA hub will save the school district money on gas and maintenance of the buses. TPS said their buses get about seven miles per gallon of gas; others vehicles take more than nine miles to get to the previous location, the TPS hub on Hill Avenue. About a six-mile distance separates the two transportation hubs.

Representatives from TPS and TARTA including Jim Gee and Dr. Romules Durant will outline their partnership. TPS Board of Education will finalize plans some time next week.