TPS holds firm on closure guidelines

Dr. Romules Durant delivers his first state of the district address.

More than 50 area schools were either delayed or closed Tuesday because of the snow but Toledo Public Schools decided to remain open.

Some upset parents reached out to NBC 24 asking why TPS was not closed as they saw other schools shutting down for the day.

TPS spoke about the guidelines they adhere by when making the decision to stay open or not due to weather.

"At 4:30 in the morning we have a group of persons that goes out and they drive the roads. Some are cabinet members, some are from transportation, of course Dr. Durant is part of that team that makes that final decision," said Linda Meyers, TPS Transformation Leader.

Meyers said the conditions on the streets of Toledo were not so bad as to alter the plan of attending school as regularly scheduled Tuesday.

"The road conditions were not such that it was unsafe to be traveling down the streets. The transportation had no issues, the roads were well maintained all through the evening and overnight so things were good for the students to be out, our young drivers were able to be safely driving out on the roads (as well as) our parents and our transportation department," said Meyers.

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