TPS teachers face pay cut in fact finder report

Budget deficit, cuts, limited contracts... only a few Toledo Public School District woes detailed by a fact finder's report. The Toledo Board of Education and the Toledo Federation of Teachers will vote Tuesday, on several changes reccommended by the report, including a 2.5 percent teacher pay cut.

The Toledo Blade obtained the report, which also suggested that teachers pay more of their health-care premium to help balance the district TMs budget for the next two years."

The cut would prevent longevity raises and create a performance-pay system for teachers for the duration of their two year contracts. The Blade reports the district will eliminate 25 positions and save about $8.6 million a year.

"The administration will adbide by the mediator's embargo on the report until after both sides have the opportunity to vote on the proposal. Passage of the two-year contract will provide a balanced budget for Toledo Public Schools," TPS Superintendent Jerome Pecko said in a released statement.

A $50 million budget deficit prompted the arbitrator, Nels Nelson, to develop solutions for balancing the district's budget in a few years. The mediator TMs report is binding unless rejected by 60 percent of the voters.

"I remain confident in the fact-finding process and the probability that we will achieve an outcome that is in the best interest of the district and the students we serve." Pecko said.

Do you think it's fair for TPS to ask its teachers for a 2.5% pay cut? Is this the solution to the district's deficit, or is there a better way to balance the budget?