TPS to outline plans for making up snow days

The "Blizzard Bag" will be distributed in early April.

TOLEDO - Winter isn't over for northwest Ohio, and so far, school districts have surpassed the state's number of school days before it cuts into students' summer vacation.

Toledo Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Romules Durant is expected to have a news conference at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday to address a solution for making up assignments missed from snow days.

The record-setting weather this January has created a dilemma for school districts to balance ensuring safety for its students while meeting education requirements.

Toledo Public Schools currently has used seven of the five days allowed by the state.

The news release indicated Dr. Durant will address the district's strategy called "Blizzard Bag," that includes required-material for students to complete at home.

The completion of the assignments will mark as ''in attendance'' for those missed school days. It will be distributed in early April.