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      TPS to use 'Blizzard Bags' to make up for lost school days

      On Wednesday, the eighth "snow day" for Toledo Public Schools this academic year, the district outlined its plan for making up school days lost due to severe weather.

      To date, many districts in northwest Ohio, including TPS, have used up and exceeded the five days currently allotted by the state for calamity days. Under the state's current plan, districts must submit a plan to the state detailing how they will make up any days taken over the five days allowed.

      Superintendent Dr. Romules Durant introduced "Blizzard Bags" which the district plans to distribute to students in April to allow them to make up three calamity days. The bags will include enrichment material or new material for students to complete. Students must complete the work in order to be marked as in attendance for the three additional days the was closed district.

      On Monday, Ohio Governor John Kasich urged the Ohio General Assembly and the Ohio Department of Education to work together on legislation that would provide a one-time increase in the number of days school districts can take off due to snow or inclement weather. He cited an unusually severe winter weather season that has forced districts to cancel classes while thinking of the safety of students.


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