TPS Under Audit, Taking Community Input

Toledo Public Schools is in the midst of a major comprehensive audit.

Tuesday night, Evergreen Solutions, the national education consulting firm conduction the assessment, asked for input from the community.

"Students belong to parents and they have a lot to say about teaching and learning," said Dr. Linda Recio, president of Evergreen Solutions "And that's why we're here, to listen to them."

Eight consultants lined the room, along with giant yellow poster boards for community members to write their ideas and concerns. Topics included transportation, finance, and school facilities.

"The good the bad the ugly. We need all of it here. And you know that everyone is here tonight for the right reasons. They want the betterment of the district," said Toledo resident Chris Varwig. "I know it's so important to get involved at home and in your child's life and in your school, but also in you district - at the district level. It's important and our voices need to be heard."

Varwig is a former TPS parent: her daughter graduated from the district last year. She says it's her responsibility to give back to the school system by suggesting areas of improvement.

"Marketing and communication," said Varwig. "Letting the public know exactly the opportunities that are available to the students. That's a big one right there."

Another big issue for the district will be using the audit's findings to secure a new superintendent. Last week, Dr. Jerome Pecko announced his plans to resign at the end of July.

"He or she can incorporate [the audit's findings] into their plans of our future and we will be able to talk to them when we interview them to discuss our concerns," said Brenda Hill, president of the Toledo School Board.

Community concerns will be used by the consulting company while they make their assessments which are expected to be presented in April.

Evergreen Solutions is still encouraging comments from community members. You can said concerns and ideas via email to